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Post composition 3

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Dimensions: 270 x 110 x h 70 cm

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€ 2.359,00


The Post Composition 3 sofa is a three-seater sofa, 270 cm long. It is composed of a one-armed chair, sized 70x100x100 cm, one chair sized 70x110x82 cm, and an ottoman sized 40x110x82 cm, enriched by 2 decorative cushions with down filling and 100% cotton cover, sized 50x50 cm. Its cover can be removed and washed at 40%. This designer sofa is made from a wooden flat bed, inner filling of polyurethane foam, and 4-cm ABS feet. The 100% cotton cover of this sofa is artisanally woven in Puglia (south of Italy) following traditional local patterns and techniques. Cushions are included. 

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