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Tattoo corner

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Dimensions: 230 x 230 x h 70 cm



Colorful sofa with a strong graphic and artistic imprint will be the star of your home or your public space Designed for tattoo lovers, but also for who simply appreciate this art. The sofa is made from a tattooed  "skin", a fabric designed by the designer Giovanni Pesce and sewn by skilled craftsmen. The sofa reflects the artistic vocations of Fish Design Market items.

Tattoo corner is a corner sofa, sized 230x230xh70 with removable fabric cover and enriched by 4 velvet cushions 50x50 cm (included). This sofa is made from a wooden flat bed, inner filling of polyurethane foam, and 4-cm ABS feet.

You can combine it with colorful Raja and Raja corner coffee tables to enjoy a good coffee or read a book, for relax.